Because of this, marigold flowers are used for every auspicious work at home

Oct 22 2019 05:00 PM
Because of this, marigold flowers are used for every auspicious work at home

You all must know that marigold flowers and their garlands are used in temples or any other place of worship and people say that when any religious functions are held in the house, then garlands made of marigold flowers are brought. During this time, rose flowers are also used in worship, but very few people know why marigold flowers are used in worship. Now today we are going to tell you the reason for this. 

Reducing Ego - It is said in the mythological stories that the marigold flowers are saffron-coloured, which shows the distance from renunciation and love. With this, a special thing is that marigold flower reduces man's ego.

Staying Connected - It is said that countless leaves of the marigold flower are connected with the same seed, and it is a surprise in itself. It is said that it also tells the person the qualities of a good leader, how a good leader can keep thousands of people with him or her and join them. That is why it is considered auspicious to bring it home.

Growing with the help of a small leaf - Like all other flowers, the marigold flower is the only flower that grows with the help of a small leaf. It is said that it shows the speciality of the soul that how the soul never dies, it simply changes the body and becomes alive again in different forms. For this reason, it is considered special.

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