#PotterkiDiwali trending on Twitter, this Diwali spread happiness

The celebration of Diwali has started. Preparations for the festival are going on loudly. On October 27, people will celebrate Diwali like every year. People are already decorating houses for a week. The recipe of sweets is being sought. In the midst of all this, the potters of the country have also started gearing up.  Lamps are being made. Meanwhile, on Monday, a hashtag also trended on Twitter #PotterkiDiwali

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It is worth noting that in the last few years, the trend of Chinese bulbs has increased instead of traditional clay lamps on the occasion of Diwali in the market. On the other hand, our potters who live on these lamps are facing the brunt of a scarcity despite their skills. Harkishan, a potter from Delhi, said in a conversation with a website, "The price of raw materials is increasing and our sales are decreasing. Plastic, glass and aluminium lamps are being used in place of clay lamps in homes.

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However, this is being corrected through the #PottersKiDiwali trend on Twitter. Users are insisting on buying lamps for local artists and potters. Under this, people are tweeting that this Diwali we should emphasize on buying clay lamps instead of imported lights. Negotiations should also be reduced as far as possible. Dia made by local artists can also be a good option for giving gifts to friends.

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