Threw valuable thing in trash bin considering garbage

Often, things go out in cleanliness, there are very few days left for Diwali, so the cleanliness drive has started at home. During cleaning, sometimes it happens that in the process of getting the garbage out of the house, we throw out the work item, when we need that stuff, then we get to know how much that item was worth. A case of throwing garbage worth millions of goods has come to light. Actually, the painting was attached to the house of a family of Nigeria. The family had no idea about the significance of this painting. Then one day the family members google the painter's signature on the painting and their type changed. The painting which he was considered as common, has now been auctioned for 11 million pounds i.e. about 10 crores.

It is worth noting that since 1971, this family was engaged at home. The price was found to be 7 times higher than the estimate on the free online estimate platform of London-based Ox House House Sotheby's when the family googled the painting's signature. The painting received a price seven times higher than the speculation put before the auction. The painting depicts Ephitu, the royal princess of Efi. Ben Editutu's three paintings were created by Booker Award-winning novelist Ben Okari, who said that the painting is a national icon for Nigeria. It was considered. Ben Invonwu died in the year 1994. Ben had made three paintings of Princess Editutu. His petting became a symbol of peace during the Nigerian-Biafran conflict in the 1960s.

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