Giving birth to children is banned on this lady, you will be shocked to know the reason!

Recently, news has emerged that the woman known as 'Most Fertile Women' of Africa will not be able to give birth to any more children. Mariam Nabatanzi of the East African country Uganda is currently 39 years old and so far she has given birth to 44 children. But now Mariam Nabatanzi will not be able to give birth to children. According to sources, doctors have cut her uterus from within.

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Now she will not get pregnant. Mariam was married at the age of 12. She gave birth to twins after 1 year of marriage. She then gave birth to five twins, four times three children and five times four children each. This happened to her because of her unusually large ovary size.

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It is to be noted that three years ago, Mariam's husband left her and went. She then lives in poverty with her 38 surviving children. Six children died at birth. Mariam herself is raising 38 of her children after her husband left. She lives in an extremely tight and tinned house in a village surrounded by coffee fields, 31 miles from the capital, Kampala. She is taking care of her children by doing small tasks. The doctors advised Mariam not to take contraception as the ovaries were larger. Doctors said that these drugs could prove fatal to her health.

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