Poor farmer found this thing in the field, became a millionaire overnight

Visakhapatnam:  A poor farmer has become the owner of million in just one day. However, while working in a field, he found a diamond, which in the market is worth around Rs 10 lakh.

The poor farmer sold the diamond to a local businessman, in return for which the farmer was given Rs 13.5 lakh in cash and 50 gram gold. Though it has not been officially confirmed yet, it has spread throughout the area and the local police has started investigating the matter. The farmer got the diamond when he was working in a farmer's farm in Golavanapalli village in Kurnool district. No specific information regarding the size and carat of diamonds has yet been found. The search for diamonds also begins with the onset of monsoon in Kurnool district and some villages in Andhra. People from far and wide come here in search of diamonds. This area is also considered as a diamond-producing area.

The monsoon is considered a good time to look for diamonds, as when the top layer of soil is removed and the diamond goes up smoothly. This is the second time of rain in Kurnool district, when a diamond has brightened someone's fortune. A few days ago a man got an 8 carat diamond and he sold the diamond for 2 lakh rupees. However, the value of the diamond was estimated at Rs 5 lakh.

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