Why Nysa Devgn's appearance on red carpet is little?
Why Nysa Devgn's appearance on red carpet is little?

We hardly see Ajay Devgn with his daughter Nysa on red carpet making appearances together. But where every celebrity pushes their children towards limelight, Ajay doesn't believe in it. However, Ajay clarified that why he doesn't make more red carpet appearance with his girl.

Ajay says on not much appreciation of Nysa with him, "You will see me and my daughter in public when I am trying to teach her something or tell her about something that will change her perception about things in the society. You have seen her at the Smile Foundation campaign for girls. You saw her at another event which was about helping the underprivileged kids. So, what I mean is that you will not see her with me at any celebrity event."

Good move by a protective dad!

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