Why should one Consume Bottle-Gourd?

Consuming green vegetables on regular basis is considered to be beneficial for not only your health but overall well-being. One of these green vegetables is Bottle-Gourd. There are countless health benefits of having a bottle-gourd, from providing coolness to the body, to keeping the heart healthy and preventing a range of diseases. Belong to the gourd family, the vegetable is known to either be consumed in the form of juice or after cooking it. 


Let’s find out about the benefits of bottle-gourd: 


Reduces Weight: Bottle gourd juice helps you to lose weight. It is rich in iron, vitamins, and potassium. To lose weight, bottle-gourd juice should be consumed regularly.


Freshness:  A gourd is counted among light vegetables. By eating it, there is no heavyweight in the stomach, rather it is considered useful in maintaining freshness in the body. To stay fresh every day, add salt or spices to the bottle-gourd juice and consume it.


Digestion: Bottle-gourd is rich in fiber and vitamin B. By consuming it, the body gets metabolism, due to which the digestive system of a human becomes strong. Appetite is also controlled by the consumption of bottle gourd. Due to this, the person does not have any problems related to constipation and stomach.


Keeps the Liver healthy: The gourd juice can be used to treat inflammation in the liver. 


Diabetes: Consumption of bottle gourd is considered very beneficial for diabetic patients. If you are a diabetic patient then it would be better for you to consume bottle-gourd on an empty stomach. You can also consume agar-gourd juice.


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