Ravana's apocalypse was caused by the curse of Shurpanakha!

Aug 07 2019 04:40 PM
Ravana's apocalypse was caused by the curse of Shurpanakha!

You must know that in Hinduism, the Ramayana is considered to be very special and the Ramayan reader knows that there are many things to say about it. So everyone knows about the role of Ramayana and Ravana, but even after Ravana's character was negative, he was called the mighty and the warrior.

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Yes, it is said that Ravana had subdued many gods and all of them. Ravana had lived many wars alone throughout his life and now you must be wondering how such a mighty man could be annihilation, so today we are going to tell you how Ravana's sister Shurpankha was the cause of his apocalypse.

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Yes, let's tell you. In fact, Ravana's destruction includes the power of Lord Rama as well as the curse given to Ravana's sister, which destroyed the entire clan of Ravana. It is said that Vidyutjivah was the general of Raja Kalkeya. Lankapati Ravana wanted to win every kingdom and join his kingdom. Because of this, Ravana had invaded the kingdom of Kalkeya. After killing Kalkeya, Ravana also killed Vidyutjivah.

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It is said that Ravana knew nothing about the fact that his sister loved Kalkeya's general and killed Vidyutjivah without knowing it, while many mythological stories are believed to have said that Ravana knew this and that is why he murdered. When she came to know of this, she started crying out of anger and sorrow and cursed Ravana with a sad heart and said, "My reason will be your apocalypse." That's where you might have read in the Ramayana, that's what happened.

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