Why Monica Dogra was ashamed of her own sexuality
Why Monica Dogra was ashamed of her own sexuality

Actress Monica Dogra has made a big revelation about her sexuality. Monica has said that she is a pansexual (the person to whom all genders are attracted). She also considers herself gender blind). There was a time when she was embarrassed about her sexuality. Monica has also spoken about her secret marriage. In an interaction with the media, Monica has spoken about when she came to know about her pansexuality. Monica has said that she heard about this word 5-6 years ago. And that's when she found out about pansexuality. Then she realized that she was pansexual. She says, "I was like a tomboy for a few days. Then a few days hyper-feminine. It was nice to express her on both sides. As long as I was in college, I didn't kiss a girl, nor was my sexual experience. Until that time I thought I was straight.''

After this experience, I suddenly didn't realize who I was. I thought maybe I was bisexual. By that time I didn't know the meaning of pansexuality. If I knew I'd like Feminin and Masculin Energy as well. Then very soon Monica came to know about pansexuality and she felt perfectly fit in it. It was only last year that Monica Dogra came to know about her identity. Monica further said that while growing up, I felt embarrassed about my sexuality most of the time. I remember when my breasts first started appearing, I thought my life was over. My freedom is over. I'm becoming a woman.

In India, my cousins started to mollify me. In my sleep, my family friend used to touch the wrong place. Through my art, I tried to tell my truth. If you look at my music videos and listen to their lyrics, I have been telling myself for a long time. Monica has also spoken about her secret wedding. She says, "I was married to a man. I had to tell her that I feel attrition with my co-star. He grabbed my hand and understood me. Seeing this, I loved him more. We parted our ways and ended the marriage. I kept my marriage a secret from the press.''

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