This was the reason for the murder of Sidhu Moose Wala, revenge taken in same style

Famous Punjabi singer Sidhu Mose Wala has been murdered and now it is being said that the strings of his murder are linked to the Akali leader Vikramjit Singh Vicky Middukhera murder case. In fact, gangsters Goldie Brar and Lawrence Bishnoi Group, who are sitting in Canada, have themselves confirmed this by posting posts on social media. However, on the day of Vicky's murder, he had announced that he would take revenge in the same style. Vicky's family had already written to the police in this case, saying that "the role of Shagunpreet, who was the manager of Sidhu Mose Wala, has come to light in the interrogation of Delhi Police. He has been missing since then. It was suspected that he had fled abroad.

Now Sidhu Mosewala should be questioned. Though the police had not questioned Sidhu, the manager, Shagunpreet, was named in the case. His LOC (Look Out Circular) was released. In fact, on August 7, 2021, Vikramjit Singh Vicky Middukhera had gone to his property dealer friend at the booth market of Sector-71, Mohali. Here, while he was coming out of the shop, the youths who came in i-20 started firing at him. He then ran for about half a kilometre to save his life but the accused kept firing at him till he died.

During that time he had his own licensed weapon but did not get a chance to run it and after that the Lawrence Bishnoi Group posted on social media. He said that whoever killed our brother will not be spared. He too will be put to death in this style. Let us tell you that sometime after the Vicky Middukhera murder, Davinder Bambiha group took the responsibility of the murder. In fact, he had alleged that Vicky Middukhera used to give the information of our people to the Lawrence Bishnoi Group and because of that many of his colleagues died. In fact, it was the Lawrence Bishnoi Group that used to carry out acts like extorting money. Later, it was added to his name and many people were killed by it. In such a situation, now revenge has been taken. Gaurav Patial, who was sitting in Armenia, had also explained this. In Mohali, Youth Akali leader Vikramjit Singh alias Vicky Middukhera was solved by the police in September 2021. The interrogation of about 26 gangsters revealed that it was gangster Kaushal Chaudhary who was sitting in Karnal jail and getting his fugitives to execute from his absconding accomplices. In such a case, his accomplice Amit Dagar (lodged in Mandoli jail in a murder case), Sajn Singh Bhola, a resident of Jhajjar district, Haryana and Anil alias Lath, a resident of Kakrola Dwarka, Delhi were involved in the case. Behind all this was Gaurav Patial sitting in Armenia.

How did the role of Sidhu Moos Wala's manager come out - In fact, in the month of April, the Delhi Police had caught eight famous gangsters. During this time, three gangsters involved in the Vicky murder case were also caught and they revealed in the police interrogation that they were lodged in a reputed society in Kharar before executing the murder. The task of staying here and taking it from there to Vicky Middukhera's house was done by Shagunpreet, who was the manager of Sidhu Mose Wala. As soon as this came to light, Shagunpreet had gone underground since then and was not in the hands of the Delhi Police. It was later revealed that he had also gone to Australia to do a show with Sidhu Mose Wala and after this Vikram's family had lodged a complaint with the police demanding action in this direction. Yes, and he had also asked Sidhu for questioning.

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