Why were pigeons used to send letters, the truth will surprise you
Why were pigeons used to send letters, the truth will surprise you

In ancient Egypt, around 3000 BC, people wrote messages on stone tablets and clay tablets. In ancient China, around 1000 BC, people wrote messages on silk cloth. In ancient Rome, around 500 BC, people wrote messages on wooden tablets. In the Middle Ages, people wrote messages on parchment. In the modern era, after the invention of paper, people started writing letters on paper.

There were several reasons for sending the letter:

  • To communicate at a distance: When people were far away from each other, they kept in touch with each other by writing letters.
  • To share information: People used to share news, events and other information by writing letters.
  • To express personal feelings: People used to express their love, affection and other feelings by writing letters.
  • For formal documents: People used to prepare contracts, agreements and other formal documents by writing letters.

In today's time, due to the advent of telephone, internet and other communication mediums, the trend of letter writing has reduced. But, writing letters has its own importance. Writing letters helps to express one's thoughts and feelings clearly. Moreover, the letter is a permanent document, which can be kept as a memento later.

There are several reasons for choosing pigeons for sending letters:

1. Sense of direction: Pigeons have amazing ability to sense direction. They are able to find their way back home, even if they are far away. This is due to a protein called cryptochrome present in their eyes and magnetic particles present in their body.

2. Speed: Pigeons can fly fast, at speeds of about 70 kilometers per hour. This helps them to deliver messages quickly.

3. Memory: Pigeons have good memory power. They can remember their way even when traveling long distances.

4. Domestication: Pigeons are easy to domesticate. They can be trained and induced to return to a certain location.

5. Size: Pigeons are small, due to which they are easy to transport.

6. Food: Pigeons are easy to feed. They can eat a wide variety of food, such as grains, fruits, and insects.

7. Protection: Pigeons are easy to protect from predators. They are small and fast, and they fly in flocks when in flight.

8. Cost: Pigeons are relatively cheap to raise and train.

For all these reasons, pigeons were an ideal bird for sending letters.

But today, due to the advent of telephone, Internet and other communication mediums, pigeons are rarely used for sending messages.

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