Have you ever been electrocuted by touching or shaking hands in cold? Know reason for this
Have you ever been electrocuted by touching or shaking hands in cold? Know reason for this

You must have noticed at some point that sometimes when you shake hands or touch something, there is a current or a clangorous sound in the body. At the same time, sometimes there is a loud sound from the sheet. If you have heard this, you must have done it, but do you know why? Yes, in fact, there is a scientific reason behind this which we are going to tell you today. In fact, when the current season changes, it seems, although it is more so in the early days of winter. On the other hand, if we follow what science has said, the amount of moisture in the electrons and weather decreases and increases.

Yes, and these are the two reasons that decide whether to be electrocuted or not. It is said that electrons cause current, but we also tell you how they work. In fact, when the weather cools down, the moisture in the air becomes lost, so electrons develop on the human body. All these electrons are negative and positive. For example, when a hand with negative electrons meets a hand with a positive electron, there is a current and a sound.

Now, you will say that there is a reason why this happens only in winter. In fact, the humidity is high in the summer season, which prevents electrons from developing on the skin and does not cause a current. Not only that, but it also happens in summer with people who do not have moisture in their skin. In that case, you also know what an electron is, in fact, an electron is a sub-atomic particle with a negative electric charge. Like other primary particles, electrons have the properties of both particles and waves, which can collide with other particles and can be separated like light, but the electron cannot be seen with the naked eye.

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