Wife did not return from her maternal home, husband did such thing that even policemen were surprised

Mar 31 2021 09:21 AM
Wife did not return from her maternal home, husband did such thing that even policemen were surprised

Jaipur: In Dhaulpur, Rajasthan, on Tuesday, a husband got angry after not returning his wife from his maternal home and sat on a 50 feet tall peepal tree. As soon as the news of climbing the Peepal tree went viral, a crowd of people started gathering at that place. Police were also called. It was explained to him when the young man went down from the tree. Currently, the police have taken the young man with him for questioning after taking him into custody.

This case is of Bhadoria Parda locality of Dhaulpur district. Here a young man started a high voltage uproar on Tuesday. When the wife did not return from the ground, the young man climbed a 50-foot-high peepal tree, which stirred the surroundings. After climbing the tree, he tied both his legs with thread. When people saw him there, they informed the administration.

As soon as this was known, the police and administration people reached there. They also tried to convince him. So there were stairs along with cranes. To prevent any untoward, mattresses were also put on the ground below. After much persuasion, the young man came down from the tree.

According to the information, the young man has done this whole high voltage drama by being angry with his wife's maternal uncle. Because his wife was not coming back from her maternal home, nor was anyone engaged in helping him. The young man's name is Lhoreram Bhadauria, who is a resident of the Pada locality. His wife Sangeeta Bala has been living in Nagla for 2 years in her maternal home.

Husband Lhoreram says that his maternal uncle has abducted his wife and is not allowing her to come back. The husband repeatedly pleaded with the police as well as the administration, but no one helped him. So he tried and climbed the Peepal tree so that his wife would return from her maternal home.

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