Husband gets angry when wife gives salary to her maternal home, took this scary step
Husband gets angry when wife gives salary to her maternal home, took this scary step

Korba: A shocking incident of crime is coming to light from Korba, Chhattisgarh, where a man killed his wife. His body was wrapped in a blanket and hidden in the house and escaped. When the woman's son reached home, the murder was discovered. Then, he informed the police. The police have arrested the accused husband. The woman's only fault was that she had given the salary amount to her maternal home. The incident took place in the Hardi Bazar Chowki area.  

According to the news, Dharam Singh Siddharth, a resident of Kharsia in Raigad, is a field man in the silk department in Korba. He lives on rent with his wife Rajni Singh and 18-year-old son Hemant at the house of Yadunath Singh Rathore on Uttarda Road. On Friday, his son had gone to his maternal uncle's house. There were only a husband and wife in the house and there was a quarrel between them. After this, Dharam Singh left, but the landlord did not see Rajni for a long time. On this, he called Dharam Singh's phone, but it was switched off. He then informed Hemant about it. After a while, Hemant reached home with his maternal uncle and saw that his mother's body was covered in a pool of blood with a blanket and blood was spread in the room. Then, he informed the police. On the information of the murder, the police reached and questioned and it came to light that there was a fight between the husband and wife over money.  

Then the police also tried to contact Dharam Singh, but nothing was found. This also led the police to suspect that Dharam Singh had committed the murder. Meanwhile, when the news of Dharam Singh being seen in Deepika was received, the police laid siege and caught him. During interrogation, he confessed to the murder. It is being said that Rajni did not give him money from his earnings. This time too, he gave his salary to his maternal home. There was a lot of fighting between the two about this. In a fit of rage, Dharam Singh banged Rajni's head at different places in the room. Due to this blood spread everywhere in the room and Rajni died. After this, his body was covered with a blanket in the bedroom and escaped. Outpost in-charge Mayank Mishra said that Dharam Singh has been caught on charges of murder. He is being sent to jail by taking court action.

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