Wife poisoned her husband and his friend to marry her lover
Wife poisoned her husband and his friend to marry her lover

These days crimes due to the extramarital affair are increasing. In yet another shocking incident from Gujrat’s Junagadh wife poisoned her husband to marry her love. In a shocking incident of the mysterious deaths of two men the wife of one poisoned them. It was initially suspected that the men died due to the consumption of spurious liquor but after the investigation, the truth comes to light.

As per the information revealed the two men fell prey to the plan hatched by the wife of one of the victims. The police have arrested the wife of deceased Rafiq Ghoghari, her lover and his friend in connection with the case. District Superintendent of Police Ravi Teja Vasamsetty said that Rafiq's wife Mehmooda was having an affair with Asif Chauhan for the past eight months. They wanted to get married, but it was not possible till Rafiq was alive.

The duo decided to kill her husband. They arranged for cyanide with the help of Asif's friend identified as Imran. Mehmooda and her lover mixed soft drink with cyanide and put the bottle in Rafiq's auto-rickshaw. After this her husband Rafiq consumed the drink and fell unconscious, his friend Bharat alias Johan also drank from the same bottle later. Both of them died after drinking the poisonous drink.

The Police official said the forensic report revealed that there was poison in the soft drink, which helped the police probe the murder angle and crack the case. As per the information All three accused -Mehmooda, Asif and Imran are in police custody now. As of now, the police are looking into the whole matter and further investigation is going on in the case.

Earlier in a similar incident, a man was killed and his father got critically injured in Odisha's Jajpur after being attacked by a man. The accused was identified as the lover of the victim's sister. He was mad at the father and son for opposing his illicit relationship and therefore he killed them to get rid of them. 

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