Will visited India after the slap scandal, showed maximum faith in Hinduism

There is a saying that the essence of all religions is one. That's why maybe we get attracted to other religions along with our religion and want to know about it. There have been many such Hollywood stars who, when they came to India, could not stop themselves without visiting the temples here. Not long ago, Will Smith visited India after the popular Oscar slap scandal and went to visit ISKCON. Even before this, many Hollywood stars also came to India and visited the grand temples.

Will Smith - The year 2022 Oscar has proved to be no less than a nightmare for Hollywood's well-known actor Will Smith. The actor got the award but he appeared to be caught in a big controversy. He slapped host Chris Rock in a crowded gathering. After which things got very bad. A few days after the case, Will Smith visited India and he also reached the ISKCON Temple. Will's faith is in Hinduism and he had come to India earlier also.

Julia Roberts- Famous Hollywood actress Julia Roberts is also very inclined towards Hinduism. Her beauty is being seen in saree. Once she saw a picture of Lord Hanuman and after that she became a fan of the Lord. She sank into the depths of Hinduism.

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