With the help of the driver, two robbers did this….court sentenced justice

Mar 17 2019 02:55 PM
With the help of the driver, two robbers did this….court sentenced justice

Gurugram: On Friday, a district sessions court served justice when it sentenced two men to imprisonment. The two accused were sentenced to jail for robbing an autorickshaw and for assaulting its driver. The incident took place in November 2017. The sentence was given by Judge Ravi Kumar Sondhi.  The two men have been identified as Manoj Kumar, a 21-year-old and Monu Singh, a 19-year-old. The two are residents of Badshahpur. A fine worth Rs 25,000 has been imposed on the two.

Here it is to be noted that while talking to the source, the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Shamsher Singh said that the two men had taken the autorickshaw of the victim on November 19, 2017 from the Huda City Centre Metro station. On reaching Sector 57, the accused asked the driver to stop the vehicle and got down. After a fight over money, the two men assaulted the driver and fled with his vehicle. 

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However, the prosecutor, Anurag hooda said that the identification of the accused was done before the executive magistrate in the Bhondsi jail. The identification was done on February 23, 2018. The two accused have been sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment. To be noted that another case where a man was sentenced to jail was reported from Chandigarh. In a bid to put an end to marital differences, a man on purposely drove his car towards a canal. The accused drowned his wife, son and four other relatives. 

The incident took place in February 9, 2016 and the judgement was given three years later. The accused and the deceased were on their way back after attending a wedding. The accused drove the car into the Sirhind Canal near Machhiwara and jumped out to save him while his relatives drowned to death. 

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