Woman thrashes husband with bat and then does something that will scare you

Jul 19 2021 04:05 PM
Woman thrashes husband with bat and then does something that will scare you

Mumbai: Crime cases in Maharashtra's capital Mumbai are increasing day by day. The case that has come to light recently is from Mumbai. Police here have arrested a woman for killing her drunk husband. A woman is said to have fed up with her husband and killed her. According to the information received, the woman angrily stabbed her on the head with a bat and killed her husband. In stead, the woman hanged her husband to make them commit suicide. For about a week, woman misled the police and finally the truth came to light after being questioned by the police.

Yes, in fact, it is the case of 12th July. Police officials say that in a show of suicide to the murder, the woman hung her body from the bathroom roof. The woman is said to be Radhika in the case. Mahila was beaten up by drunk husband Deepak Sonar (36). Then, when the woman gave her husband dinner at night, she threw away the plate. The woman then got angry and started beating her husband with a bat kept in the house.

After beating, the woman strangled her husband with a piece of cloth. In this case, police say the woman took her body to the bathroom after the murder and hung him there to give a suicide look. Police rushed to the spot as soon as the police came to know about the incident. His body has since been sent for postmortem. The police officer has reportedly registered a case on the complaint of the family members of the deceased and arrested the woman.

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