Woman beaten up to death by husband for not fulfilling dowery demands

Feb 11 2019 03:52 PM
Woman beaten up to death by husband for not fulfilling dowery demands

Solapur: A 19-year-old woman was beaten to death by her husband in Solapur over not fullfiling dowery demands. It was alleged that her husband beat her over his dowry demands just a few days after they got married. Police lodged complainted against her husband  and three more.

The victim was identified as Saba Patel and a police complaint was lodged against her husband Salman Patel, along with three more people as per a report in Pudhari newspaper.

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As per the reports Salman was recently married to Saba Sheikh but after just nine days of the marriage, Patel and his family started behaving badly with her. In order to force her into bringing money from her father, Salman and his family started to beat him.

Few days ago, Saba was to her house to bring the money. Salman went to Saba's house on February 4 and started demanding money from her. When Saba refused to give him any money, Salman brutally assaulted Saba. Saba was seriously injured and was admitted to the nearest government hospital for treatment. she died during the course of treatment.

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Saba's father Shafi Sheikh then filed complaints against Saba's husband Salman Patel, brother-in-law Shahrukh Patel and Salman's sister Mumtaz.


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