Women with this kind of toe ensalves their husbands
Women with this kind of toe ensalves their husbands

In today's time, A Woman's future can be ascertained by looking at the body parts of her and it can also be seen that she will rule her husband or she will become her husband's slave.

* According to Samudra Shastra girls who have eyes like a deer, do not have a round, stomach did not come out and the toe is not ahead of the claws rule their family and enslave the husband. 

* It is said that girls who have dark complexion, they attract their husband with their long hair and keep their husband happy.

* It is said that if a girl's forehead is straight and flat, then these signs are considered auspicious for the husband and girls who demand teddy can spoil their marital life.

* It is said that girls whose thumb is big and index finger is small, they become slaves and such women mostly belong to poor families. With this, they do not get happiness after marriage.

* It is said that the lives of girls who walks by lifting feet, their lives are also full of struggles and such women can ruin both the maternal and in-laws.

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