Woman gang-raped and friend assaulted by drunkards

May 11 2019 06:13 PM
Woman gang-raped and friend assaulted by drunkards

Mysuru: A shocking incident emerged from Mysuru after a woman was allegedly gang-raped. The friend of the victim was allegedly assaulted by the accused.  The alleged incident took place near the Lingambudhi Palya area. The police formed four teams to arrest the accused. The victims were rushed to the hospital after the incident. 

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According to the Indian Express' report, the victim raised an alarm and alerted the locals. The victim was sent to the Department for Women and Child Welfare's special cell.  The accused were booked under Section 376 and Section 379 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The complaint lodged against the accused in the Jayapura police. 

In a similar, Rajasthan police arrested three people for gang-raping a woman. The accused allegedly gang-raped the victim while her husband was away. The incident took place in the Sikar district of Rajasthan. The victim's husband was out of the station to attend a wedding ceremony. 

According to the sources, the accused were given a contract to whitewash the victim's home. Finding the woman with her son at their home, the accused climbed the first floor on a ladder and threatened to kill her son and raped the victim. The woman's in-laws were sleeping in a room at the ground floor, DSP Fatehpur Kushal Singh said.

The accused have been identified as Aakil Pinara (35) Sanif (28) and Abdul Gani (29). Aakil and Sanif raped the woman whereas Abdul waited outside to raise an alarm. They fled away after snatching her mobile phone, he added. On May 8, the woman informed her husband after he returned home following which they lodged an FIR against the three, police said.

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