This woman is facing a lot of problems because of her enlarged breasts!
This woman is facing a lot of problems because of her enlarged breasts!

There are some diseases that you may not be sure about. We're Going to tell you about another such disease that is extremely strange. The good and attractive breasts put four moons in the beauty of women. But when they are a little larger than their size, they cause burden and discomfort. Something similar is happening to a woman who is very upset.

Indeed, something similar is happening with Lam Freise Nuen of Thailand. Her breasts are growing rapidly, causing them many problems. Moreover, the size of her breasts is so increasing that lam has to tie the cloth on the neck. "Both my breasts have caused me trouble, so I'm bending the neck and spine with their weight," says Lam. The condition is such that I can't walk without crutches.'" Lam underwent all the tests to show her neither a tumour in her breast nor a symptom of cancer.

Doctors are unable to find out the reason for Lam's rapid growth. According to Lam, her breasts have been growing for about three years. But the size of their breasts has been increasing rapidly for the past 9 months. Lam Freise Nuen, who lives in a small village in Thailand's Phitsanulok province, is not good. Some time ago, her husband's legs were bruised due to an accident which made him unable to do much.

Lam is troubled by her rapidly growing breasts and wants to get rid of the disease as soon as possible. Doctors say they can't cut it until they know the reason for the breasts grows unaccounted for.

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