Kanpur: Woman's body found with face mutilated

Sep 10 2019 04:00 PM
Kanpur: Woman's body found with face mutilated

Recently, a case of crime has come out from Bidhanu in Kanpur. In this case, a woman has been murdered after the rape. On the same Monday, her body was found in a pit filled with water near Orchhi village and the police took out the body. They saw that the woman's arms and legs were tied to her sari and to hide the identity, the killers had crushed her face with a stone. In this case, SO Sukhram Rawat said that "There is a gas godown on the road leading to Orchhi village from Orira-Fatepur road and blood was found near the pit from which the dead body was found near the warehouse on Monday." At the same time, it became clear that the body was thrown into the pit after killing on the spot.

According to information received in this case, the police said that "the woman was wearing a blue petticoat." Both her arms and legs were tied with a blue sari. The possibility of rape can not be ruled out due to the clothes getting messed up. At present, efforts are being made to identify the body.

A constant investigation is going on in this case because this case is being called very serious and many such cases have come out so far which have been surprising.

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