Jaipur woman allegedly raped by a Hospital guard

Aug 07 2019 10:01 AM
Jaipur woman allegedly raped by a Hospital guard

A recent case of crime has surprised everyone. In fact, the case is in Jaipur where the guards of the Jaipuria Hospital have raped the woman who came to treat the girl and the case has come to light recently. According to reports, the woman has filed a report at Bajaj Nagar police station.

Talking about this, SHO Manvendra Singh said that "the husband of the Mansarovar resident woman has filed a report. His wife was delivered at Jaipuria Hospital in May. She remained in the hospital for a month after the baby's condition deteriorated," he said.

In the case, it is alleged that the hospital guard Mukesh Gurjar has raped his wife and the accused Mukesh has committed the rape several times by threatening to kill the girl and her husband. On the other hand, the police has registered a report and has sought investigation and assured that they will soon take the accused into custody.

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