Woman shot died while boys were dancing on 'Tamanche Pe Disco' songs
Woman shot died while boys were dancing on 'Tamanche Pe Disco' songs

Recently, a new case of crime has come out from the capital Patna. Once again a woman has died due to firing during the procession. Yes, according to reports, a woman has died after being shot in the big Patan Devi locality of Alamganj police station area of Patna City. According to the news, a procession was passing through the locality late Wednesday night.

In this case it is also told that a large number of boys were dancing in the procession on the song of Tamanche Pe Disco. People living there say that two boys were waving arms continuously. A youth dancing in the procession fired in the sky. A bullet fired from the middle of the procession hit Kiran Devi, who was watching the procession from the roof. Due to which he died.

In this case, he also said that, 'On hearing the news of firing, both the youths involved in the procession escaped.' Even before this case, a similar case has come to the fore, which surprised everyone. At the same time, the investigation is going on in this case and there are reports that soon the whole matter will be cleared.

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