VIDEO: Woman throws slipper on snake, you'll be surprised to know what happened next
VIDEO: Woman throws slipper on snake, you'll be surprised to know what happened next

People's senses fly away when they see the snake, although a video is going viral on social media at this time which is surprising everyone. Watching this video will make you laugh out loud! In fact, in this video, seeing a snake coming towards her, the woman threw a slipper and hit him, after which the snake pressed the slipper in the mouth and ran away. Yes, you can see that while running away with a slipper in his mouth. Seeing this scene, all the users were shocked.

Seeing this video, it can be said that this snake is smart. Let us tell you all, there is no information about when and where this video is from. The senses of those who are watching this video are flying. Seeing this video, a person wrote that this is a snake of Bihar sir! Leaders and snakes here do not return empty-handed. But he doesn't even have hands. At the same time, another user wrote- 'There can be a ritual of stealing shoes. What would you say about that?'

Now say what you would like to say in the comment. By the way, this clip is only 30 seconds. In this video, you can see a woman seeing the snake shouting do not come here, and beating him by throwing slippers. At the same time, the snake does wonders. In fact, he presses slippers in his mouth and runs fast from there. Seeing this scene, the women start laughing and say where is the slipper being taken.

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