Woman Leaves Supermarket After Urinating On Potatoes, Caught on CCTV

Aug 05 2019 02:02 PM
Woman Leaves Supermarket After Urinating On Potatoes, Caught on CCTV

In Pennsylvania, the United States, there has been a strange and embarrassing incident that shocked everyone. A woman in a supermarket here has been caught on CCTV committing a filthy act and when the case reached the police, the woman came to the police station and surrendered herself. According to information, the incident occurred on July 24.

In fact, the woman urinated on the potatoes kept in the supermarket and then secretly left. The incident was reported when a cleaning worker noticed that someone had urinated on potatoes. So he immediately complained to the store manager.

CCTV footage has revealed that a woman has urinated on potatoes kept in supermarkets. The case reached the police, after which the identity of the woman was started by the police. But the woman later came to the police station on her own and surrendered. According to media reports, the accused woman's name is Grace Brown (20). At the time of the incident, the woman was alcohol-intoxicated and has been booked in several sections, including criminal mischief, public outcry, criminal activity, and public intoxication, police said.

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