20 people used to rape in 1 day, story of this woman is very painful

Nowadays the cases of increasing crime are surprising everyone. In such a situation, the matter that has come up recently will blow your senses. This case is about a woman who died directly from the quagmire of exorcism, who narrated her ordeal, after hearing her story, the people of Britain were blown away. It is being told that the woman was forced to sleep with 20 people every day. Not only this, but for refusing, she would have been brutally killed, burnt with a cigarette. She was admitted to the hospital in a very pathetic condition. In this case, the doctors said that she would hardly be able to live for 48 hours, although the woman managed to beat death.

Now, in this case, the police are looking for the accused related to the sex racket with her help. About the whole case, the woman said that there were two more girls in the house where she was kept captive. All were served in front of the client against their will. In such a situation, in a day, they would be forced to have sex with more than 20 people and beaten up for refusing. Apart from this, the woman said that many addicts also used to come to her house, who used to stay there for five to six hours at a time and exploit her. With this, the woman told that many times after beating was left to die. The woman further said, "I was having internal bleeding. It wasn't even possible for me to walk or crawl on my knees. I was just going to die."

The woman was repeatedly hit, she had become malnourished and had several wounds on her body. In this case, Iana Matei, who runs a shelter for the victims of human trafficking in Romania, says that girls are lured into the business by trapping them in the trap of love. The agents of criminals are also present in the school, they trap the girls in the trap of love, then hand them over to their boss. After that, the girls from there are sold at a hefty price in countries like the UK. "There is a girl in my shelter who still wants to go to her 52-year-old boyfriend. They brainwash girls."

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