Woman hid 1 lakh cockroaches in house, reason will shock you!!
Woman hid 1 lakh cockroaches in house, reason will shock you!!

A shocking case has come to light from America. In fact, a woman has been arrested by the police here. Information has been received about the woman that about 1 lakh cockroaches were kept in the house. Yes and apart from this, about 300 animals were recovered from the woman's house. This list includes rabbits, different species of birds, turtles, snakes and cats. Let us tell you that after the disclosure of this case, the police team itself is also surprised that why did the woman finally do this? According to a report that surfaced, the arrested woman is being told as a social worker. Her name is Karin Keys, she is 51 years old.

People also know her as Snow White. Yes, the woman claims that she likes animals very much. That's why she keeps animals in her house. She didn't want to kill the cockroaches. In this case, the police officer said that there was a foul smell everywhere in the house of the accused woman. Inside the house, the floor was spread on stools. No one could stay inside her house for more than a few minutes and in such a bad condition the woman was keeping the animals in her house. This put the lives of many animals in danger.

Let us also tell you that the complaint of the woman was made by her patients, whom she used to see in her homemade clinic. In fact, people coming to the woman's clinic used to smell bad from her house, due to which she complained. Later it was found that the woman had kept a large number of animals. A friend of the accused woman told that Keys learned a pet store was closing and went to rescue the animals because she didn't want them to be homeless.

At the same time, later he kept all the animals in her house. However, several animal experts were called in to help respond to the situation and later a case was registered against the woman under the Animal Cruelty Act.

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