Women are more prone to drug addiction as compared to men

Feb 11 2019 10:30 PM
Women are more prone to drug addiction as compared to men

In a tudy is is found that Women's hormonal cycles may not only make them more prone to drug addiction but also more affected by triggers that lead to relapse, a study has found. According to researchers from Vanderbilt University in the US.The research is significant since there are virtually no addiction studies in women that account for these cycles.

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As per The study published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacolog, when fertility-related hormone levels are high, females learn faster, make stronger associations to cues in their environment and are more prone to seek rewards.

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Erin Calipari, an assistant professor at Vanderbilt University said that Women becoming addicted to drugs may be a fundamentally different process than men. He further saIt's important to understand this, because it's the first step in developing treatments that are actually effective. she said, The next step would be to figure out specifics of how hormonal shifts affect women's brains and, ultimately, develop medications that could help override those.  However, long before those future medications are available, treatment centres could use the information in this study to educate women about their stronger mental connections to objects and places.


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