Wood finished in Delhi crematoriums, people waiting for hours

Apr 23 2021 02:28 PM
Wood finished in Delhi crematoriums, people waiting for hours

New Delhi: The number of corona deaths in the country's capital Delhi continues to rise. There are long queues in the crematoriums and the cemeteries are full. A long line was seen at the crematorium at Geeta Colony on Friday afternoon. There are 29 dead bodies to be burnt, but more than twice as many bodies are being cremated here during the Corona period.

The bodies are now being sent back to this non-covid crematorium. According to Sanjay Kumar, caretaker of the crematorium, there is a little bit of wood left for all the bodies that have come in. The gate of Shamshan crematorium has been closed and all the bodies coming here are being sent back. Sanjay Kumar says that the bodies start piling up from 5.30 am onwards, which lasts till evening, where more than the limit is being cremated, nine new pyres have been arranged by the MCD at this crematorium yesterday, the bodies are also being cremated near the Yamuna at this crematorium on the banks of the Yamuna.

Tell us that the bodies of patients infected with coronavirus are currently being cremated at several major crematoriums in Delhi like Nigambodh crematorium, Lodhi Colony, Ghazipur, which is putting more burden on non-covid crematoriums.

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