Working behind the camera lent the comfort to perform in front of it - Ishaan A. Khanna

Feb 26 2021 06:25 PM
Working behind the camera lent the comfort to perform in front of it - Ishaan A. Khanna

The famous proverb, 'the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step,' comes to mind when we speak to actor Ishaan A. Khanna. He has journeyed a long way. He talks to us about his adventures, the lessons he learned, and his plans as he progresses along the path he has set for himself.

Unlike most children, Ishaan caught a glimpse of destiny at a very young age, four to be precise. His destiny was to be an actor. Among all things, his most vivid memories are the ones where he was involved as an actor. He started in school plays, and by the age of nine, he got the opportunity to participate in a theater workshop conducted by the noted Indian stage actor, Lushin Dubey. For Ishaan, his goal seemed better defined after this experience.

Ishaan made sure he stayed in the realm of films and acting even as he moved on to pursue higher education. At university, he became a part of a film club to stay connected with films, filmmakers, and actors. "The experience I gained from those years will keep in good stead as long as acting is concerned," he says.

After graduation, Ishaan was free to enter the world of cinema. However, instead of choosing to act, he chose to work behind the camera. He started as an assistant to the director for a TV series. 'This was a conscious decision,' he says. The job profile gave in deeper insights into the craft of movie-making. He gained hands-on experience. Also, this allowed him to watch actors at work, up-close. He also explored the casting department and worked as a casting assistant with director Mukesh Chabra.

Armed with all the lessons, Ishaan soon started acting in small roles. He worked his way through short films and television commercials. His major break and latest project, Love, Scandal and Doctors, has gained him the much-deserved attention of directors and producers. 'I am thrilled by the success of the series,' says Ishaan. In the series, he plays a medical intern who, along with other interns, is embroiled in a murder. What was his experience playing the role? 'It was a big learning experience for me,' he says.

Ishaan's journey so far has been steadily progressing. It is a reflection of his personality – calm, rooted, full of vibrancy. We wish him the best as he takes the next step in the long journey that lies ahead of him.

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