World AIDS Vaccine Day 2018: A step ahead to support your life

We all are aware of the AIDS and HIV which has become a big health issue in our society. As per the medical science, there is no vaccination present that can cure this disease till date.

To let people know about this disease, on May 18, HIV Vaccine Awareness Day is observed globally. This day is celebrated to increase the awareness of a continued need for a vaccine in the patients.

This day was first observed in the year 1998 and since then it has been celebrated yearly. There are programs which are held to educate people on how to prevent oneself from this HIV and AIDS. It gives you the idea of the importance and need of vaccines. 

The event on this day includes volunteers, health professionals, scientists and community members who are involved in the search for HIV and AIDS vaccines.

In the year 1997 during a speech made at Morgan State University's President of the day, Bill Clinton asked for experts and scientists around the world to work towards creating a vaccine for AIDS. He said that this would be the only way to limit its spread and eventually wipe it out.

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