World Dance Day: Dhak Dhak girls Madhuri Dixit and Dance teacher Saroj Khan Shares tips
World Dance Day: Dhak Dhak girls Madhuri Dixit and Dance teacher Saroj Khan Shares tips

Madhuri Dixit-Nene and Saroj Khan heaps praise to one another and on the way Dixit's dance track from Kalank, Tabah Ho Gaye - choreographed by Khan - has turned out. She then goes on to express gratitude for speaking well of her in subsequent interviews. Ever so often, the duo punctuates the conversation that edges on memories of their time spent together, to express love for one another. "Madhuri is like my shadow," Khan says at one point when talking about how closely the actor would study her, before taking to the camera. In deep journey to recall moments Dixit responds "What I love about Saroj ji is that she knows which movement will look good on an actor,".

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Easily among the lot of stars who've defined the way the world perceives Bollywood dance, Dixit gives the art a prominence that goes beyond cinematic endeavours. Her recently launched app, Dance With Madhuri, aims to also promote a healthy lifestyle. People still ask me how I stay fit, and look good. I always say, dance is the best thing one can do for yourself," says Dixit, who has trained in Kathak since childhood. "You feel good about yourself while burning calories. Happiness plays a big role in [determining] how you look, and feel. Also, when you dance to new songs, you don't get bored. It's not like running on a treadmill for 45 minutes. Finally, one can work the entire body with this cardiovascular form."

To be noted that well aware that a cardiovascular component isn't sufficient to meet the physical requirements of women, Dixit says incorporating conditioning classes like pilates, and strengthening sessions of weight training, are crucial to restore muscle mass. "But the cardio component can be met through dance. On our app, we have a vertical called dancercise, which includes the hook steps of my songs put together to create an exercise routine. We also discuss Tabata [HIIT format], and different workouts here. When strapped with a heart-rate monitor, I've been able to burn 300 calories in 20 minutes with it."

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She shared moments Dhak Dhak Karne Laga emerges a unanimous choice for Khan and Dixit when recounting their most memorable (and toughest) song. "We had not rehearsed for it; it is among the most spontaneous songs we've done. Initially, the set was too colourful. Our cinematographer Baba Azmi didn't like it. He said, 'Sab hata do'. Finally, they kept only earthy tones. He played with the lighting, the jaalis. We had to make it look sensual, but couldn't go overboard while doing so, given the character I played," Dixit recalls.

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