World Health Organization gives tips to those are doing work from home
World Health Organization gives tips to those are doing work from home

Locked down due to corona infection all over the world. Lockdown means everything, except the essential services. Pubs, restaurants, offices, shopping malls, markets on the streets are all closed. In such a situation, some companies have given their employees the freedom or convenience to work from home or sitting at home. This has been done so that the loss due to the lockdown to the company is minimized. In view of the problems caused by this facility, the World Health Organization has given some important tips for those who are taking advantage of it.

1. Do not sit and work for too long in the same position.

2. Do not sit in front of the computer for a long time.

3.Wake up for at least three minutes every half hour and stretch your body issues.

4. To avoid damage to the eyes from the computer, keep it at a reasonable distance.
Rub your hands together every 15 or 20 minutes and keep them on the eyes for a while. Doing this will give relief to the eyes.

5. The World Health Organization has not only given advice in this tweet about working during work from home, but it has also told how other people in the house can keep themselves healthy. These tips are also for those who are working at home. According to

6. Go up and down the steps of your house. Do this at least 4-5 times. By doing this, the body's fatigue will reduce and the muscles of the body will also open.

7. While sitting empty in the house, try to stretch the body a bit. For this, the best time is in the morning and evening, but you can do it when you get the time.

8. Light exercise in the home gives a lot of strength and strength to the body. In such a situation, dancing with music is the best option.

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