So that's why World Heritage Day is celebrated

Apr 18 2021 05:04 AM
So that's why World Heritage Day is celebrated

World Heritage Day is celebrated on 18 April around the world. This day is considered special for old monuments and historically important sites around the world. What is World Heritage? In fact, World Heritage or Heritage are sites of cultural importance and natural importance which are very important. Many such sites are considered to be historical and environmentally significant. These places also have international importance and at the same time, constant efforts are made to protect them.

This heritage reflects our culture and gives information about our history. It is necessary to take steps to save our history or our heritage. There are a total of 1052 World Heritage Sites worldwide which are very important. Of these, 814 are cultural, 203 are natural and 35 are mixed sites. Now to speak of India, there are a total of 27 cultural, 7 natural and 1 mixed heritage in India, in total, there are 35 World Heritage Sites in India, which are our responsibility to protect.

This World Heritage Day (World Heritage Day) is celebrated to understand the importance of sites recognized as World Heritage, to protect them, to protect them, to spread awareness about them.

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