World Vision Day: India is a country of donators, yet so many people do not donate eyes
World Vision Day: India is a country of donators, yet so many people do not donate eyes

In spite of all the efforts in the whole world to make people aware of making eye donation, the figure of eye donors is disappointing. If we look at the current data of eye donation and cornea transplant, its donors are less than one percent. This is the reason why 25 lakh people in the country are still dealing with the blindness. Every year 80 to 90 lakh people die in the country but eye donation is only around 25 thousand.

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Everyone knows that the eye is the most important part of every person's body and if it is not there then the life of the person is of no use. Awareness programs are organized by the Eye-bank and all social organizations to provide maximum eye donation to help such people. World Sight Day is also celebrated every year on the second Thursday of October. Its purpose is to make people aware of eye diseases and problems.

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Recently, at the annual conference of the Eye-Bank Association of India held in Banaras, ophthalmologists from all over the country addressed the people and tried to make them aware of this gap of the need of cornea by 2020. Dr Anurag Tandon, director of Lions Eye Bank, says that just like blood donation, the number of visually impaired can be reduced by increasing awareness for eye donation.

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