World Sparrow Day 2021 celebrates on March 20

World Sparrow Day is an international day celebrated on 20th March each year in many countries around the planet to spread awareness about the house sparrow and other such birds that are affected by the rising urban environments and the possible threats to this bird’s population.

The first World Sparrow Day was observed on the date 20 March 2010 and since then it is commemorated yearly around the world. World Sparrow Day is an international initiative commenced by Nature Forever Society (NFS) in India to impact awareness about the house sparrow and other such birds. Mohammed Dilawar, an Indian conservationist who founded the Nature Forever Society was working for several years to raise awareness about the importance of conservation of the house sparrow.

The purpose of celebrating World sparrow day is to raise awareness and information about the significance of conservation and protection of the house sparrow and other such birds. The day is also celebrated to persuade people to admire the beauty of biodiversity and nature and protect it. The celebration of the world sparrow day works as a platform for people who are working for the cause of protecting and conserving the house sparrows. On this day various kind of events, campaigns and activities are organized to encourage people to participate in the cause.

World sparrow day is a very important initiative taken to protect and conserve the sparrows and other birds and more people should participate in the cause.  The day is also important to bring together the individuals and organizations around the world who are working for the cause of protecting the sparrows and give them a platform to share their ideas and thoughts.

Every year a theme is assigned to the celebration of world sparrow day. All the events, campaigns, and activities are organized according to the theme. Sparrows have always been around us from our childhood. We share a special bond with them. The theme I Love Sparrow will make people remember that bond and encourage them to come forward to help our friend since childhood, the sparrow. We can also do so many things at our personal level to help in protecting the sparrows such as, Building nests for sparrows,  Putting water for them in summers or Putting bird feeders in yards and gardens.

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