Do you know the intresting facts related to World Air Day?

Jun 14 2021 10:45 AM
Do you know the intresting facts related to World Air Day?

The United Nations-affiliated Inter-Government Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) claims that earth temperatures could rise by 2 degrees Celsius or more in the nearest future. Rising temperatures cannot be prevented, so all countries of the world are working together to limit this growth to 1.5 degrees. India has also taken his steps with full responsibility. That is why renewable energy is being promoted in India.

Solar as well as wind energy play an important role in renewable energy. If India does, if wind power plants are to be set up to suit the capacity of our country, the power generation in the country may increase even further. World Air Day is celebrated all over the world on June 15. On this occasion, it is made to talk about wind energy. Let us talk about some of the facts related to wind energy, as well as the scope of which we will tell you in India. But let's take a look at the history of World Air Day before that.

About 14 years ago, the European Wind Energy Association and the Global Wind Energy Council decided to celebrate the day together, and the day was first celebrated in Europe in 2007. It was then decided to celebrate it globally in 2009. The purpose of celebrating this day is to encourage wind energy by mobilizing all countries.

About 35,000 people participated in the event when Air Day was first celebrated in 2007, while in 2008, 100,000 people from 20 countries and about 1 million from 35 countries joined the campaign in 2009, and more than 300 events were organized in different corners of the world. In 2009, a wind parade was also held in Portugal on Global Wind Day.

Wind energy facts in India: India (2.7 GW) ranks second in the Asia Pacific after China (26.2 GW) in terms of wind energy. India's total capacity in the financial year 2019-20 was 2.07 GW. But compared to 2018-19 (1.58 GW), 2019 grew by 31 percent. 10.1% of the total energy capacity in India comes from wind power plants.

According to the National Institute of Wind Energy, India is set to set up a 302.2 GW wind power plant at an altitude of 100 metres above ground level. At an altitude of 120 metres, 695.5 GW of wind power plants have been set up in the country. That is, if India has succeeded in establishing it, India will have twice the power that india currently generates. According to the Central Energy Department, the total capacity of all sources (thermal, hydro, nuclear and renewable energy) at present is 370.3 GW.

Wind Energy Facts in the World: According to the Global Wind Energy Council, 60 GW of wind power plants have been set up worldwide in 2019. This is 18 percent higher than in 2018.

The total capacity of wind power plants all over the world is more than 651 GW. Compared to 2018, the previous year increased by 10 percent.

China and the U.S. are at the top of wind energy. These two countries constitute 60 per cent of the world's onshore wind market.

Offshore wind energy plants, i.e. seashore wind power plants, are growing rapidly around the world. In 2019 , 6.1 GW of power plants have been installed .

The Global Wind Energy Council claims that the capacity of the new plant or current plants will increase by 76 GW in 2020.

New wind power plants with a total capacity of 30.6 GW in the Asia Pacific region have been set up in 2019. Which has 28.1 GW from offshore wind.

The Asia Pacific region has a total wind power plant of 290.6 GW capacity, which holds 44 percent of the world's share.

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