Rarest sea creature appears on Australian Beach, tourists say it looks like an alien
Rarest sea creature appears on Australian Beach, tourists say it looks like an alien

In today's time, many strange things come in front of the eyes and seeing them, questions arise in the mind. Now in the meantime, a very rare and big creature has appeared on the coast of Australia. After seeing this creature, everyone's senses flew away. It is being told that the appearance of this creature looks like an alien. Recently it has been seen at the mouth of the Kennett River on the southwest coast of Victoria province of Australia and anyone who saw it was shocked. The name of this creature that looks like an alien is Ocean Sunfish.

This sunfish was discovered by Cath Rampton and his husband Tom. Both of them were on a vacation at the coast, when both saw this. Tom is a Vet and both said that they had never seen such an animal before. Daily Mail Australia quotes Cath Rampton saying "This fish was about 2 meters long and equally high. But when we found out later, we got information that it is a small fish of its own species. This species has twice the size of larger fishes."

After that, the fish was seen by the tourists Tim Rothman and James Burham. It is being said that both of them also said that 'this fish looks completely like an alien'. Apart from this, both also said that never before had seen such a creature". Sunfish can be 3 meters long, 4.2 meters high and weighing about 2.5 tons. These are very dangerous. Apart from this, it looks very beautiful in appearance.

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