World's first digital dress, prices so much that you will not be able to touch it
World's first digital dress, prices so much that you will not be able to touch it

It has become common nowadays that celebrities are often in discussion about their dress on social media every day. But these days, such a dress is going viral on social media which does not belong to any celebrity. The biggest feature of the viral dress is, that you cannot touch it even if you want to. Talking about the price, you have to spend about 7 lakh rupees for this dress.

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In a report, it has been found that Richard Ma, the chief executive officer of Quantstamp, a San Francisco-based security company in the US, spent US $ 9,500 i.e. about 7 lakh rupees on a dress for his wife. This is a huge cost for a garment, especially when it is not present in physical form. It has been confirmed that the dress is a digital dress designed by fashion house 'The Fabricant'. Today's time is known as Digital Age. All things are happening in a digital way then if digital dress also comes in front, then there is nothing surprising in it.

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The same Richard Ma said about this dress that "Of course, It is very expensive, but it is also an investment." Richard says that he and his wife do not buy expensive clothes but they want to get this dress made. Despite being expensive, this dress was made because it can be used for a long time.

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