Wow! Such unique flower of India that blooms in 12 years
Wow! Such unique flower of India that blooms in 12 years

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, every corner of India has been honored by the rules. Many such secrets of nature are hidden in the cities, villages, mountains, and caves, from which the human being is shocked. We are going to tell you about such a flower which blooms once in 12 years and people are drawn from far to see it. Kerala, popularly known as the city of God, is famous for lush green mountains, seaside and natural views. Munnar, which is 1600 meters above sea level, is the most beautiful place in this state. Mostly famous for the cultivation of coffee and spices. Its greenery and comfort attract tourists. This is the place where the biggest secret of India is hidden, which is named Nilkurinji. Nilkurinji is one of the rare flowers which blooms once in 12 years.

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This flower bloomed in the year 2018. The people of Kerala call it Kurinji. It is a variety of strobilanthus. It has about 350 flowering species in India itself. The flowering time of different species of Strobilanthus is also very different. Some bloom in 4 years, some blossom in 8, 10, 12 or 16 years. But when these flowers end up blooming, no one even knows. These flowers are mostly on the roadside. The land needed to grow these flowers for the purpose of blooming and widening the roads has been exhausted. Large land has been taken for cultivation of tea and spices. Due to this, there is no land for these flowers. Now the place is preserved in Kerala for this unique flower because everyone is waiting for it to bloom.

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Although the mountains of Kerala are dark green and blue, but after the blossoming of this flower, everything appears to be purple. The flower starts blooming in the month of August and lasts till October. For this flower, there is a protected area called Kurinjimala i.e. Sanctuary which is 45 km from Munnar. According to Mohan, Environmental activist and member of Save Kurinji Campaign Council, everyone wishes that they see this flower in bloom. Tribes of Todas, Mathuvans, and Mandiyas worship this flower. In 2006, 32 square kilometers of Kerala's forest area for the protection of this flower. It was named as Kurinjimala Sanctuary. This Sanctuary is the result of the efforts of the Kurinji Campaign Council. This is the second Flower Sanctuary of India after the Valley of Flowers. All species of Nilkurinji are preserved here.

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