Kushotpatni Amavasya is on August 18, know rules for uprooting Kush
Kushotpatni Amavasya is on August 18, know rules for uprooting Kush

Kushotpatni Amavasya is going to be celebrated on August 18, 2020. It is called Kushagrahani Amavasya. People also know it by the name of Kushotpathini Amavasya and Pola Pithora. Kush that was uprooted on this day can be used for 1 year. Any Kusha that has been uprooted can be used for 1 month. Kush is considered to be particularly pure in our scriptures. Apart from this, while chanting in our scriptures, one can wear Kush. It has been told that the devotees should follow the rituals to uproot the Kush. 

1. After bathing in the morning, wear white clothes, it is the rule to remove kush.

2. It is said that while uprooting Kush, you should keep your face towards north or east.

3. First of all, you should touch Kush by saying 'ॐ' and after that recite the following mantra and pray.


'विरंचिना सहोत्पन्न परमेष्ठिनिसर्जन.
नुद सर्वाणि पापानि दर्भ! स्वस्तिकरो भव॥'

4. By making a fist with the palm and fingers, one should exorcise Kush with one stroke. Keep in mind that Kush should be uprooted at once and first loosen it with a sharp piece of wood.

5. It is auspicious if you say 'हुं फ़ट्' while uprooting Kush.

Usable kush-

1. The face of which is not cut.

2. Anything that is not burnt.

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