WPI inflation accelerates to 12-year high of 14.23% in November as crude, metal prices harden

Inflation in the country is rising rapidly. Wholesale inflation (Wholesale Price Index - WPI) has increased from 12.54 per cent to 14.2 per cent in November this month. Let me tell you all that this figure of wholesale inflation has reached a record level of 12 years. The wholesale inflation has risen at present due to a spurt in fuel and power prices. Let me tell you that core inflation has increased from 11.90 per cent to 12.20 per cent and September inflation figures have been revised. It is said to have now increased from 10.66 per cent to 11.80 per cent.

According to wholesale inflation (Wholesale Price Index -WPI) data released today, Tuesday, wholesale inflation with food items has increased from 3.06 per cent to 6.70 per cent. With this, wholesale fuel and power inflation have increased from 37.18 per cent to 39.81 per cent. Wholesale price rise of eggs and meat has increased from 1.98 per cent to 9.66 per cent. At the same time, wholesale inflation in potatoes has increased from -51.32 per cent to 49.54 per cent and vegetable wholesale inflation from -18.49 per cent to 3.91 per cent. In addition to all this, the inflation rate of milk has also increased sharply, from 1.68 per cent to 1.81 per cent.

Where relief was found - prices of manufactured products have come down. Its wholesale inflation rate has fallen from 12.04 per cent to 11.92 per cent. There is also relief from the price rise of edible oil. It declined from 32.57 per cent to 23.16 per cent. In addition, wholesale inflation of onion declined from -30.14 per cent to -25.01 per cent.

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