Yeh Hai Mohabbatein written update: Ruhi said to Raman and Ishita that she will live-in with Nikhil

Oct 14 2017 02:47 PM
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein written update: Ruhi said  to Raman and Ishita that she will live-in with Nikhil

The episode starts with Parmeet planning against the Bhallas. He talks to himself that he can't let Nikhil leave the city and go. He keeps an eye on Pooja and notices that Shagun is meeting her. He clicks their picture and understands Shagun's plan. He goes to meet Nikhil and shows him the picture. He even tells him that Pooja had a deal with Shagun to make you leave the city.

He recalls everything and gets angry that Raman and Shagun have done this to separate him from his daughter Riya. Parmeet instigates him and fills his ears with wrong information. Nikhil gets angry and says he could have lost his Riya forever. Nikhil says Raman and Shagun planned to separate him from his daughter, but now he will take their daughter away from them. Parmeet smirks and gets happy.

Ruhi walks in crying and asks Parmeet where is Nikhil has he left the city already. She panics and Parents tells her to relax. He had not gone anywhere, he is in the bathroom. Nikhil comes out and Ruhi hugs him crying. She asks him not to leave her and go. Nikhil tells her that he is not going anywhere. Parmeet leaves from there watching them and gets happy. Nikhil informs her that he changed his mind as Raman and Shagun are trying to take away his daughter. Ruhi refuses to believe it. Nikhil shows her the picture and says that Shagun is blackmailing Pooja. Ruhi says why are they doing this. What do they want from me?

Ishita tells Raman that what if they don't stop Ruhi from taking this decision. Raman asks if she is supporting Ruhi. Ishita tells him she is not supporting her but it is not the right time to talk to her as she won't listen to it. She further tells him that even Ruhi is uncomfortable with live-in but she has to learn from her own experience. If they try making her understand she will not listen to them. Raman tells Ishita that his mind is not working. Ishita tells him they will be around Ruhi to keep an eye on her. Raman agrees to Ishita. They both think the reason behind Ruhi's sudden decision.

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