On Teej, Kaira will be so close that grandmother and Vedika will become angry on seeing them!

The story of the very popular TV show 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' has come to a point these days where people have become very excited. Yes, Naira and Karthik, who were separated five years ago due to Kairav, are slowly coming to the right but Kartik comes under the pressure of grandmother and he married Vedika and grandmother wants Karthik to become only of  Vedika but this Can't happen because Naira still lives in Karthik's heart and Vedika also knows this thing very well.

Vedika will take Naira out of the house on Teej, Karthik will take this step!

In such a situation, Naira promises to Karthik that as soon as Kairav recovers, she will go far away from Goenka House and Karthik's life. At the same time, in the Teej episode of this show, the Goenka family is going to celebrate Teej with pomp and in the upcoming episode you will see that Kairav will ask Karthik to give the bangles to Naira, but Naira will tell him that these bangles are brought for Vedika by his father. Hearing this, the innocent Kairav would ask Karthik to give this bracelet to Vedika aunt, but for his mother, he must bring even more beautiful bracelets, on hearing this, Vedika will become upset.

Forgetting everything, Karthik will accept Naira once again, Vedika to exit the show!

At the same time, due to Kairav's insistence, Naira and Karthik will come close to each other during the Teej celebrations and during this time, they will drown in the memory of their old days and seeing Naira and Karthik in this way, Grandma and Vedika will be enraged. Now it will be interesting to see what she will say to Naira and Karthik. And what will happen next ...?

Kairav will write the name of Karthik with mehndi on Naira's hand, Vedika will do this work on seeing it!

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