Now all the secrets of Akhilesh will be revealed, Naira will help Lisa along with Karthik!

Sep 07 2019 10:40 AM
Now all the secrets of Akhilesh will be revealed, Naira will help Lisa along with Karthik!

The TV show 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' is getting a twist these days. In such a situation, now the show is going to get a new twist soon. Yes, now talk about the current track of this show, so at this time the story is revolving around Naira, Karthik, Vedika, and Kairav.

You must have noticed that in the last episode, Naira's special friend Lisa has been reentered and on arrival, she has told that her boyfriend has left her. Hearing this, Naira is shocked and promises Lisa that she will find her boyfriend from anywhere.

Vedika's life is in danger, will say goodbye to the show!


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You know that Lisa is dating not anyone but Karthik's uncle and Surekha's husband Akhilesh. At the same time, the show's makers will soon focus on the story of Akhilesh and Lisa's Extra Marital Affair. You must have seen in the last episode when Naira asks Suvarna for help in this matter, she tells her that the number of Lisa's boyfriend is from an employee of the Goenka company.

Now a report surfaced, Naira will go to the Goenka company to find out about this number, she will bump into Karthik there and when Karthik comes to know about Lisa from Naira, he will get agitated on her. After all, why is she hiding everything from him?

Kairav will write the name of Karthik with mehndi on Naira's hand, Vedika will do this work on seeing it!

At the same time, when Karthik comes to know that the number of Lisa's boyfriend is a person present in the company, then the ground will be slipped under his feet. At the same time, Karthik will ask to help Naira and according to the report, Akhilesh's secrets are going to explode in this show soon. Yes, it has to be seen now that after Akhilesh's truth is revealed, how do Surekha and the rest of the family react?

On Teej, Kaira will be so close that grandmother and Vedika will become angry on seeing them!

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