Yogi came to Uttarakhand, CM Dhami said - 'Now Maharaj's bulldozer will have an effect in Uttarakhand too'

Dehradun: On Saturday, UP CM Yogi Adityanath reached to heat up the campaign of CM Pushkar Singh Dhami in the Champawat assembly by-election. After holding a road show in support of Chief Minister Dhami in Tanakpur, all the BJP leaders including Chief Minister Yogi reached the public meeting place. On reaching the public meeting place, people started shouting slogans of Yogi-Yogi. The bulldozer was again shadowed due to the roadshow of Chief Minister Yogi, who arrived for the election campaign of CM Dhami.

Chief Minister Yogi also accepted the greetings of the people. After that, while addressing the public meeting, Chief Minister Dhami welcomed and thanked the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath. Chief Minister Dhami said that with the blessings of the central leadership and the public, I got the privilege of serving the Devbhoomi again. Criminals tremble now. He said that Chief Minister Yogi's bulldozer runs on every wrong deed. Dhami said that like Uttar Pradesh, the bulldozer will run in Uttarakhand and the effect of Maharaj's bulldozer will be there in Uttarakhand as well. The Chief Minister appealed to the people of Champawat to reach the polling place on May 31 in huge numbers to vote.

Addressing the same public meeting, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath first bowed to the Devbhoomi. He said that this time Chief Minister Dhami will get the blessings of Mother Poornagiri. Yogi said that the people of Champawat have a big chance this time. For the development of this area, the people of this area will have to give their support to Chief Minister Dhami. He said that everyone is watching the development of Devbhoomi today. Devotees from all over the country are reaching Uttarakhand for Chardham Yatra. Chief Minister Yogi said that there is no doubt that Dhami will win the election, but our efforts should continue till the success comes in hand. He said that Champawat is completing its journey of 25 years, and in such a situation, CM Champawat has come here to take the people towards development.

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