Gmail to give new feature

Sometimes you send someone a Mail that you are always waiting for answers to. You continue to look for your inbox for its answers by sending mail. If the answer doesn't come, you'll have to know if the other person read the mail, but you never get an answer, but today we can overcome your problem and show you a Trick that can check on which day your mail, At what time and how many times.

MailTrack extension to keep an eye: If you want to use this feature, then search on Google by typing MailTrack Extension. After which the website which is open, will have to go to the Mailtrack extension and click on Add to Chrome. Here a page will open in front of you on which you are going to be asked to add a Google account. Now add your E-mail ID by typing it. During this, Mailtrack is going to ask you for email access. Here you have to click on the Allow button. After this, you will be able to easily track your sent mail.

Activate this way: Follow these steps now to turn on this setting.

After installing the Mailtrack add-on, open GMAIL on the phone.
After opening GMAIL, compose a new mail. After writing the mail, before sending it, click on the three-dot icon near the send button.
Now you will also see an option named Insert from Mailtrack in the drop-down menu. By clicking on this option, Track Email has to be selected. By doing this your setting will be activated. You can now track your sent emails from Mailtrack's dashboard.
You will also be able to check this status on the mobile version of GMAIL, but for this, it is necessary that you have replied to a message using Mailtrack.
Additionally, at the bottom of each email, you will see the Available add-ons option. You have to click on it, by this, you will also be able to track mail.

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