You can eat these things even after the expiry date!
You can eat these things even after the expiry date!

Each food has a certain shelf life, how long it can be used and how long it can be safely eaten. Whenever you buy something from the market, the expiry date is written on its packaging. In such a situation, most people believe that food gets spoiled immediately after the date written on the packaging and cannot be eaten again. However, according to a report by Themirror, the expiry date is only as a guideline. Yes, some products do not get spoiled on the day of expiry date and some things can be used safely even after the expiry date. Today we are going to tell you about those things.

Eggs - Any expiry date written on the carat or package of eggs but eggs can be easily used for three to five weeks from the date of purchase. In fact, according to Food Safety & Sanitation Expert, Professor Kevin Murphy of the University of Central Florida's Rosen College of Hospitality Management, the expiry date written on eggs can determine how fresh the eggs are. Along with this, boiled eggs spoil quickly and if kept in the fridge, they can be used for a week.

Milk - Experts believe that any packaged milk can be used even after a week of the expiry date. However, it is very important to keep that what is the amount of fat in milk? Let us tell you that milk without fat can be used for seven to ten days after the expiry date. With this, full fat milk can be used for five to seven days after the expiry date. With this, non-dairy milk can be used for 1 month after the expiry date. Yes and if the milk gets spoiled it becomes thick and sour smell starts coming.

Bread - According to Megan Wong, a graduate registered dietitian at the University of British Columbia, packaged bread can usually be used for five to seven days after the expiration date, when the room temperature is normal and the bread Kept in a cool, dry place. With this, if you want to use the bread even after the expiry date, then you can also keep it in the fridge. Yes, because this bread will be good to eat for at least three months. But always keep an eye on the mold coming on the bread.

Pasta - Dried pasta can be eaten for up to two years after the expiry date on the packet, and raw pasta stored in supermarket refrigerators can usually only be used for four to five days after the expiration date. Yes, cooked pasta can be used for six-eight months if it is kept properly in the fridge.

Cheese - According to Sofia Norton, a registered dietitian based in Los Angeles, California, most cheeses do not have an expiry date. In fact, some cheese has a white or bluish-green color on the surface. However, if you see mold on the cheese, cut off that part, the cheese will be safe to use again.

Raw meat, poultry and fish - Raw meat and chicken can last only a few days in the fridge but can last longer if stored in the freezer. Frozen ground meat keeps for three to four months in the freezer.

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